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Welcome to TogsTech


A Music Education and Technology Blog


Part 14 – A Well Deserved Break Hello and welcome back everybody, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time over the last while and that you’ve enjoyed a few of these blogs that I’ve produced for you all! I’ve had a really enjoyable time this semester and I’m SUPER glad you’ve decided to beContinue reading “TogsTalks”


Part 13.5 – An Evening of Ideas and Inventions Welcome back to anther Part.5 series where I run you through the video game I have been making. This post is going to be relatively short as I have to go and present shortly but I wanted to show you a play through of my videoContinue reading “TogsTech”


Part 12.5 – The Sound That Stands Between Us Welcome Everyone to another Part.5 update on my groovy little music project and how it’s coming along. I have both good and not so good news … GOOD NEWS I’ve spent HOURS learning the basic of 3D mechanics and world building to create a GLORIOUS attemptContinue reading “TogsTech”


Part 11.5 – We’re going somewhere!!! Welcome back to a tech project update. Firstly I’d like to mention that the previous post was actually the last week of our semester so I’m going to have to take a pause on the main posts for a while HOWEVER I still have this project to go. I’mContinue reading “TogsTech”


Part 11 – The Tech Genius Speaks Welcome Back All – This week we were fortunate enough to have Ethan Hein, a New York based Doctoral Fellow in Music Education at New York University, come (over zoom of course …) and speak to us about his expertise in using Ableton Live. ABLETON LIVE ROUND TWOContinue reading “TogsTips”


Part 10.5? – The PROJECT BEGINS Welcome to the Part.5 series of my blogs where I work on my project. At Uni, each of my classmates and I have been tasked with the job of creating a project of some kind that incorporates both musical and technological elements. Many of my peers are tackling songContinue reading “TogsTech”


Part 10 – The Ease of a Musicians Mind Welcome to the TENTH blog back!!!! This week James Humberstone spoke to use about a series of wellbeing bits and pieces this week, discussing how to keep on top of our lives. TogsTips Did you know a study was taken of a group of people inContinue reading “TogsTech”


Part 9: Hear the music, see the music, sing the music! Welcome back to everybody and welcome all the newcomers. This week’s blog is about using the programs Auralia and Musition from the maker himself Peter Lee who talked us through how to use these programs, along with guiding us through a few of theContinue reading “TogsTech”


Ableton Round 2? Here’s my song that I made from a remix from a series of different Triple J sound files. A competition running at the moment encourages you to produce a remix using bits of songs from famous Australian artists such as the Jungle Giants, Amy Shark, Flume, Tame Impala and more! You mayContinue reading “TogsTest”


Part 8 – I’m Able-To!(n) Ableton Week!!! This week I got to spend most of my day making music in Ableton Live, a super awesome program (which has a 3-month free trial at the moment !!!) to make music like professional musicians (such as aussie band like Rufus Du Sol). SOUNDTRAP To begin, lets lookContinue reading “TogsTech”


Maker Spacer lets go Racer below is my video I made of me with all of my bottles and a chopstick to make some tunes! I had a few bit of difficulty through this in my filming, I may have held the microphone a bit too close to the camera so my ‘Construction of theContinue reading “TogsTest”


Part 7 – Togs the Builder THE MAKER MOVEMENT We’ve spent some time this week talking about making instruments for ourselves out of rubbish found in our recycling bins at home! Lucky for me, during this Covid-19 lockdown situation, I had the fortunate opportunity to have plenty of bits and pieces for me to siftContinue reading “TogsTech”


Part 6 – 01001100 01100101 01100001 01110010 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 00100001 Welcome Back Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the videos I’ve created over the last couple weeks and found the couple minutes of it entertaining. I’d like to mention I heard back from my lecturer,Continue reading “TogsTech”


So in the previous blog I made, I spent some time outlining all of the important aspects to acknowledge when it comes to presenting a video using some of those features. Below I have attached a video of myself which I edited where I discuss my various different ‘funky socks’: And the reason this blogContinue reading “TogsTest”


Part 5 – Aaaaannnddd Rolling! This week we’re going to spend a bit of time working with filming and using video. We’ve now been self-isolating at home and its time to learn how to film ourselves hands-on, but with a bit of difficulty trying to guess what we’re doing. CAMERAS NOW its time for usContinue reading “TogsTech”

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